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Punishment! Classical music
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Marie (16) lives alone and gets surprise
for Red Nose Day.
Patsy Verfaillie from Izegem stood
with 'A Tribute To Hans Zimmer'.
Review Tribute to Hans Zimmer.
Success producer Patrick Hamilton celebrated his 60th birthday at Concertgebouw Brugge.
Anna Buevich played the last years with several outstanding orchestra’s: Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, The Flemish Opera, Cascophil Chamber Orchestra, etc.
She is not only an excellent classicist but as well experienced in performing movie themes, pop and rock music. She has played a wide variety of concerts and shows in Europe. One of the highlights were certainly the Hans Zimmer tour in Europe (the Philharmonic Orchestra of Flanders). But she played as well with Ennio Morricone, Dirk Brossé, Placido Domingo, Marble Sounds, Angelique Kidjo, Disturbed, Flip Kowlier, Johnny Logan, Andrei Lugovski, Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Stef Kamiel Carlens, Jef Van Uytsel, …
Anna also played numerous recordings with Cascophil Chamber Orchestra for artists like Clouseau, Marble Sounds, Dana Winner, Jan Leyers, Isolde Lassoen, Flip Kowlier, …
Anna plays with as much enthousiasm in small ensembles during events or for special occasions.
Anna started to play violin at the age of 6. She studied at the Moscow Conservatory Musical College , The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (Israel) obtained her master degree at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent. She was granted a diploma on the International Violin Solo Competition in Cremona(Italy).
Anna is a passionate violin player who can also be contacted for musical side projects and requests. She likes to create tailor made programs who resonate with the wishes of the client. She has a broad network of musicians and artistis with who she can cooperate in such programs. Anna is always searching for an overall experience and has an excellent eye for detail (music, dresses, technical aspects, etc).
© All rights reserved. Anna Buevich
Photos: Dirk Colaert (, Huysentruyt Jan, Joad Sa (,
Konrad Pietrucha, Olga Filenko (@olga_filenko), Nicolas Draps,
Michel YURYEV (, +32498381867), Vivaldi Metal Project (,
Lorenzo Cardamone (@lorenzo_cardamone)
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